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Stout Industrial Technology, Inc


Stout Industrial Technology, Inc


Stout Industrial Technology was founded in 2019. With 1000+ hours of trouble-free operation on our first prototype, we launched our first commercially available product in 2020 to address a critical labor shortage in the agriculture industry, The Smart Cultivator.

Today, we continue to collaborate directly with our customers across industries to build and launch solutions that keep up with the fast pace of today’s enterprise. We empower your business with easy-to-incorporate, reliable tools that address critical demands in areas such as labor and sustainability.


Our team members grew up in the high-stakes, high-performance industries of automotive racing, defense, aerospace, medical, agriculture, and manufacturing. In industries like these, failure isn’t an option. Combined with our additional experience in innovation and product development at think tanks, startups, and system integrators, our collective project portfolio spans everything from space telescopes and virtual reality headsets, to automated farm equipment and high-throughput specialty manufacturing lines.


In industry, the bottom line is everything. Unlike startup companies that favor technical innovation over real-world applications, Stout’s team works with our clients to understand their pain points and apply the right technology to the right problem. Our approach results in solutions that are easier to use, more durable and more functional. The ultimate outcome? Less headaches and a faster return on investment.


The Smart Cultivator combines a proprietary, agriculturally-proven mechanical platform with our cutting-edge Stout True Vision™ technology to eliminate weeds and cultivate ground in a single pass. It decreases reliance on labor and chemical inputs, all while improving farming practices.


The Smart Cultivator processes 1-2 acres per hour with one tractor operator.

  • Self-tuning AI vision system
  • Quick seed line adjustments
  • Precision seed line tracking allows for tight machine to plant spacing
  • Automatic bed height control eliminates bed pressure
  • Settings for angle of attack adjustments to accommodate various soil conditions
  • Modular design allows limitless machine configurations
  • Built in shock absorbers for rocky soil
  • Advanced actuator motion control to limit dirt movement
  • Floating 3-point hitch allows machine to move independently from tractor
  • Rugged, automotive-style controllers
  • Easy to use machine interface
  • Full sealed and protected wire harness
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Integrating new technology into your business can be difficult. That’s why we make our machines easy to use. Stout’s touchscreen interfaces are designed to be intuitive and accessible, made possible by our self-tuning AI.

Stout Touchscreen Operator Interface



Stout has developed a proprietary vision system combined with cutting edge software called Stout True Vision™.

Stout True Vision™ cameras capture high resolution color images, passing them through a convolutional neural network for analysis. Post processing algorithms produce unmatched precision for identification and automation implementations.

Stout True Vision™ Agriculture

  • True plant identification
  • Deep learning-based neural network differentiates crops from weeds
  • Precision seed line tracking improves coverage by minimizing blade opening
  • Neural network trained with Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Vision system does not need to be trained for specific fields
  • System detects actual plant centers, allowing for accurate blade control
  • Adapts automatically to ambient lighting conditions, soil type, and plant maturity
  • Not dependent on plant size or spacing, allowing use on transplants or direct seed
Stout True Vision Technology